Promise Air Conditioning and Heating Offers Installation

At promise Air Conditioning and Heating our highly trained technicians do all the work for you, leaving you to tend to your personal affairs without worry. We will install an air conditioner, furnace, part(s) or new HVAC system, and get it working for you. Our experience will give you great peace of mind whether building a new home or replacing your old system.  We offer all types of equipment commercial, industrial, and residential.  We provide quality installation for new construction, renovation, new additions, remodeling, of any structure (building, home, or basement).

(Installation To Include But Not LImited To)

Air Conditioner, heat pumps (water cooled & standard), evaporator coil, air handlers, air conditioners, heat pumps, gas furnace, compressors, all fan motors, thermostats, freon leak repair (ask about free leak detection), carbon monoxide testing, heat exchanger, freon (R-22, 410A), contractor, compacitors, transformers, circuit boards, (water cooled and standard), air handlers, furnaces, package units, roof top package unit (RTU), pneumatic controls, industrial inferred-heater, tube heaters, exhaust fan, industrial unit heaters, swamp coolers, ductless mini-splits, air filtration, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, attic ventilation, zone controls, duct modification, duct additional and multiple zone controls system and dampers, wall mounted units, ultra violet light (UV light), and space guard HEPA Filter systems.

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A/C Repair

Have questions about your air conditioner? Is your A/C blowing hot air or making loud knocking noises?

Heating Repair

Is your heater not blowing hot air? Is the heat not being evenly distributed in your home?

Air Filtration

Improving or adding to your home’s air filtration is a great way to boost the quality of the air you breathe.


When the air inside your home is dry it can create several negative effects on your family.

Commercial Kitchen Hoods

If not properly installed and controlled, a commercial kitchen can be uncomfortable to work in.

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